About Spur Collector Decoys

Dream of Better Turkey Decoy

The dream of offering Spur Collector Decoys to the hunting public started about 6 years ago.  Two friends from childhood, Keith Jury & Dave McBride, were constantly looking for ways to better their time afield.  The two had been hunting together in Central Pennsylvania since their early adolescent years during the late 70’s, and as time went on, had experimented with nearly every known turkey decoy on the market. As expected, results with commercially produced decoys were less than stellar.  Based on years of hard lessons learned in the heavily hunted Pennsylvania turkey woods, these now men concluded the “right” decoy could make a huge difference in success.

Dave being an accomplished taxidermist and Keith, a fabrication specialist, put their skills to work. After countless hours making decoys and trying them in the field, they developed a decoy that really worked. Their age old hunch that the right decoy could make an impact was right, but they had no idea just how much of an impact it was about to make.

Reality of the Best Turkey Decoy

Since then, they have used this evolution of their decoy building process to create Spur Collector Decoys in the form presented to the public today.  To say that this product exclusively and substantially increased the success and fun of turkey outings would be a gross understatement. Of course, every friend that saw them wanted one, and the decoys repeatable responsibility in PA gobbler harvest rates dictated that the online offering soon be made.  These decoys have consistently produced filled tags on mature birds from the state of Pennsylvania down through the states into Tennessee.

Now we are online, offering them to you.  Use a Spur Collector decoy one time and you will never have to ask yourself, “Should I use my decoy or will it scare them off?”  Plainly put, these bird yield success.  It is hands down, the best real turkey decoy on the market.  If you don’t have a Spur Collector decoy you don’t have a real turkey decoy!  Let us allow Spur Collector decoys to produce as well for you.

Hands down, the best decoy on the market today. If you are an avid turkey hunter you need to add this decoy to your arsenal. One look at the realism and detail put into these decoys, you’ll see why even the wisest gobblers will not leave your setups.
Beau H. PA