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Bar None, the Best Turkey Decoys on the Market.

Spur Collector Decoys are the best turkey decoys on the market. They are made from real wild turkey skins and made with the highest quality taxidermy. They fool even the most savvy turkeys. You are guaranteed to kill more big birds with these decoys.

Every turkey hunter learns. From time spent a field, we can agree that the wild turkey’s primary survival tool, the one thing that consistently defeats even the best efforts of the most skilled hunter, is a turkey’s telescopic 8x eyesight. Simply put, this very reason is why Spur Collector Decoys were “born”.

Put the power of ultra violet to work on your next hunt. It’s a scientifically proven fact that turkeys see differently than we do. The rods and cones in their eyes see the ultra violet on feathers we don’t. To a turkey, a plastic decoy looks like a turkey shape but appears dull and lifeless. Add feathers and the decoy looks like a turkey shape but it glows with ultra violet just like a live turkey. Put the odds back in your favor with mother nature.

Wild turkeys are often not fooled by manufactured decoys. At best, the most popular of mass produced decoys work inconsistently. In fact, the volume of these cookie cutter decoy replicas often alert and repel the wary, mature birds that we seek. Spur Collector turkey decoys are the best “real wild” turkey decoys one can buy, boldly better than our competitors. Read on in our brief overview some of the many reasons Spur Collector real turkey decoys earn the right to be called better than the rest.
Spur Collector turkey decoys are real wild turkeys. Professionally postured with specific body languages that speak to a turkey’s instinctive desire to both breed and defend. Spur Collector decoys look so real that even pressured gobblers come in and attempt the mating ritual! Spur Collector decoys have proved themselves an indispensable tool for both the experienced and beginning turkey hunter alike. Making the difference for those with limited time in the woods, our strict decoy creation process has solidified itself more successful in decoy performance than ever imagined.
Competitive products are often NOT made from a REAL WILD TURKEY. They use a domesticated turkey that real wild turkey aren’t fooled by. At a glance, domesticated turkey decoys look like a wild turkey, but when closely examined lack coloration found on a real wild turkey. We use ONLY WILD turkeys for all Spur Collector decoys. This provides the unmistakable iridescent coloring of the feathers in sunlight. Gobblers spot this feature up to a mile away, often triggering them to actually run in! Just how many turkeys have you heard yet never came to visit? Without this key feature found with all Spur Collector turkey decoys, many turkeys will run away from the competitors.
All Spur Collector decoy stakes are constructed with an integrated handle, making it easy to carry, deploy and set up your decoy in a moments notice. Our patent pending design is fully sleeved for ease of use, even in the hardest of hunting terrains and specifically designed to permit rapid, safe placement without risking damage to your decoy. In addition, our universal base platform enhances the simplicity of both storage and transport of all your Spur Collector decoys.
To be the best, we insist in using only the best. We go to great lengths to validate the best taxidermy processes and materials to mount your Spur Collector decoy. Our decoys are made with care and are built to last, capable of providing years if not generations of turkey hunting successes while pursuing this magnificent birds hunting heritage.
Our pledge to you, we steadfastly stand 100% behind our products. We guarantee that all Spur Collector decoys will be delivered to you free of manufacture defects, bar none. Each Spur Collector decoy is created with great care, one bird at a time, by professional staff who are award winning in the field. We are consummate professionals, proud turkey hunters who possess a dedication and commitment to bring you the highest quality decoy unmatched in realism, durability and field proven effectiveness.
I have had the pleasure of hunting with Dave and Keith for many years,and knowing them as I do, I know the pride they take in making each decoy. This will be my 40th spring turkey season coming up, and without a doubt, this is the best decoy that I have ever used or seen. It will definitely make a difference in your success.
Greg S.TN