Caring for Your Real Turkey Decoy

Caring for your Spur Collector turkey decoy is a snap.  All that’s required is an occasional body “wipe down” using a clean dry cloth, going with the grain of the feathers (head to tail) and it’s good to go!

Of course it is ideal to avoid getting your real turkey decoy saturated.  While some exposure to water is OK, avoiding a soaking rain is preferred. If it does get wet, simply dry it off as outlined above and place in a moisture free environment (direct sunlight is best) until dry then wipe down head to tail.  You’re now ready for the next harvest!

Storing your Spur Collector decoy in the off season is easy as well.  Our decoys can be stored either on the included transport base or kept loosely in the provided camo bag.  Just store in a dry, temperature controlled area and your Spur Collector decoy will be ready for the upcoming season.

Much like caring for your favorite turkey gun, exercising these simple steps with your Spur Collector decoy will ensure its longevity and provide years of successful turkey hunts to come!